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Zachary Kenney

Park City, Utah

Adventure Doesn't Find You. You Have to Seek Adventure.

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Adventure Doesn't Find You. You Have to Seek Adventure.

Hey everyone, my name is Zachary Kenney. I'm a full time engineer aspiring to be an adventure filmmaker/photographer. Like a lot of you, I took a corporate job after I graduated college, 8 to 5, and far from the mountains. Shortly after I got the job, I discovered mountains, and the rest.. well that's history. I found myself driving hours and hours every weekend to spend more and more time climbing, biking, making films, and shooting photos in the mountains. My obsession for creating videos started back in college on my old GoPro Hero2. It was then, I realized, that I had a passion for telling a story through videos to inspire people to get out and live a life to the fullest. Most of my videos now feature adventures during my traveling and outdoor activities. I grew up playing organized sports like lacrosse, and it wasn’t until I moved to New England after college, did I really begin enjoying everything the outdoors had to offer. Ever since then I live every day planning my next trip and figuring out what mountain I can climb next